Chiesa di San Pantaleone

The Venetians call it San Pantalon. No-one really knows when it was founded; we only know that in 1009, under the doge Ottone Orseolo, it was rebuilt by the Giordani family. It was renovated in 1222 by Semitecolo, and consecrated in 1305 by Ramperto Polo, the bishop of Castello, with the help of two Archbishops and other bishops. In a state of collapse, it was pulled down in 1668 and rebuilt more solidly and was reconsecrated in 1745 by Alvise Foscari, the patriarch of Venice. It seems that it was a parish church right from the beginning, and had a large surrounding district which was notably diminished in 1810 to form the parishes of the Frari and S. Maria del Carmine and to enlarge that of S. Nicolò dei Tolentini. Inside it has a spectacular ceiling by Giovanni Antonio Fumiani, who is buried here, and also works by Paolo Veneziano, Antonio Vivarini, Paolo Veronese and Palma the Younger.

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