Interviews and Articles

A portal is a place for information and as such must guarantee constant news updates and supply what the customer is searching for on the Net: the latest news, exclusive interviews, as well as other information of particular interest.

With regards to published news, thanks to the experience of Venetian journalist Federica Repetto and the technical expertise of the staff of Portale di Venezia®, the site is able to provide interviews with the people involved in popular events carried out in the city of Venice.

The technological platform of the Portal provides interviews in various video formats, including versions subtitled in two languages (Italian and English), useful for deaf or hard of hearing customers or for customers who are not familiar with the Italian and/or English language.

Il Portale di Venezia® also can provide visibility to business activities and private initiatives with special services (example: writing/editing, video-interviews, photographic services, etc.) in order to maximize visibility and traffic for the activities of the advertisers.