Giuseppe Vigolo

Giuseppe Vigolo

Joseph Vigolo been born to Valdagno in the province in Vicenza 18/03/1979, after having frequented the High school Umberto Boccioni of Valdagno, diploma 03/03/2003 near the academy of Belle Arti of Venice, currently in the same academy it is enrolled for the attainment of the diploma of  

II° I level in Visual Arts and Disciplines of the Show "Institute of Graphics of art", in the laboratory of Daylight Ferrara and Bortolo Fantinato. 

He works to Quargnenta fraction of Brogliano Vicentino, in the street Boleo n. 28, 36074



  • 15°Prize Gorlagos, competed international of calcografia, 3° prize 
  • Prize Fibrenus, "Carnello Arte papers" Shop of the Culture (FR) 
  • Etnafest, Anthological of the International Biennal Exhibition of the Humor, (Catania) 


  • Studio Open, event within the 51° Biennal Exhibition in Venice, edited by Gloria Vallese 
  • 23° Biennial of the Humor in the Art of Tolentino, (Soaked) 
  • IV Prize International Biennal exhibition of the incision of Monsummano Terme  
  • Museum National of Varsavia, exposure of the graphic works in collaboration with the Stamperia of art Busato in Vicenza and the academy of Belle Arti of Varsavia 
  • Frequents the specialistic lessons near: "National Institute for the Graphics in Rome" 


  • Prize Tiepolo, Biennial of the Contemporary Italian incision 2004 
  • Prize Art 2004, Publishing George Mondatori, selected among the 120 finalists 
  • Pubblicato in the book of artistic anatomy: "Anatomy and Sketch" of Gerardo Samà, Editions Biblos 


  • Canali/Canales Venice-Madrid, incisioni/grabados, Academy of Belle Arti of Venezia/Università Complutense de Madrid, catalog I edit from Marsilio