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"It belongs to a time when mixtures of traditions, combinations of apparently opposite viewpoints, are not only possible but normal."
Alfred Schnitke

The form of a small house presents a sweet and sour dish, a gap between two extremes, an issue, with which we have to live and eat, and deal on a daily basis.

This attitude towards fine-art material reveals a group of contrasting parts, passages, bridges, contradictions, harmonies and disharmonies, which serve to support only one idea– the ‘unicum’ of the finalized artwork. The idea of collage is the principle of combination, the final goal of which is a harmonious and authoritative conclusion of the artistic image; this image may contain even blurred effects, challenging the limits between what is generally accepted as bad or good.

To put it in a nutshell, the world of the spirit is already ordered and formed in its very nature in all that causes disharmony, while this same order also includes all that is monstrous, inexplicable and horrifying. The fundamental pattern for harmony is most probably not the elimination of evil, but rather its integration in the broader whole into which it is transformed. The mutual relationship can eventually exclude the negative element, integrating it into a new form.

The question is, do we really know which part is negative…

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