Dorothée Selz

Dorothee SelzBorn in Paris in 1946.
Lives and works in Paris.

One person shows

2006 Buenos-Aires and Mendoza, French Institute
2005 Pekin (Beijing), Imagine Gallery
2004 Aigues-Mortes – France, Chapelle des Capucins
2003 Paris, Galerie Fraîch’Attitude (catalogue/text by Pierre Tilman)
Epinal – France, Musée de l’Image (catalogue/text by Frédéric Roux)
2001 Paris, Galerie Esther Woerdehoff
1999 Paris, Galerie J & J Donguy
1996 Paris, Galerie J & J Donguy
1991 Paris, Galerie Lara Vincy
1985 New York, Emily Harvey Gallery (catalogue/text by Bruce Benderson)
1983 Barcelona, Joan Miro Foundation (catalogue/text by Pierre Restany)
1975 Barcelona, Galeria Vinçon
1974 Paris, Galerie Multitude

One person "Food installations"

2005 Berlin, Interfel
2004 Paris, Carrousel du Louvre
2002 St Etienne – France, 3rd International Design Biennal Paris, UNESCO
1996 Barcelona, Carles Santos Music Event
1995 Paris, Cité de la Musique / Food event for the opening of the building
1992 Barcelona, Joan Miro Foundation
1991 Paris, Galerie nationale du Jeu de Paume / Food event / opening of the building
1990 Bordeaux – France, CAPC Musée d’art moderne
1988 New York, American Craft Museum
1987 Lausanne – Switzerland, Musée des Arts Décoratifs
1984 Marseille – France, Galerie Roger Pailhas / for the Leo Castelli collection show
Geneva – Switzerland, Halle Sud / with Charlemagne Palestine

Special project

1978 Paris, Musée des Arts Décoratifs
D.Selz is curator of "Sucre d’Art" an internatinal exhibition about the art of sugar and edible crafts / popular objets from all over the world / Art Brut works and showing for the 1st time in Paris the entire Eat Art collection of Daniel Spoerri
(catalogue / texts by Pierre Restany, François Matthey, J.M. Lhôte, D.Selz)

Special EAT ART projects

2004 Paris, Galerie Fraîch’Attitude "Daniel Spoerri presents Eat Art"
2002 Paris, Galerie nationale du Jeu de Paume "Spoerri / Eat Art"
1980 Châlon-sur-Saône – France, Maison de la Culture "Eat Art Festival by D.Spoerri"
1977 Paris, Centre G.Pompidou "Boutique Aberrante de Spoerri" in Tinguely show
1971 Düsseldorf, Eat Art Gallery / and Restaurant Spoerri
Paris, Galerie Givaudan

From 1967 to 2005, many group shows in France, Germany, London, Barcelona, New York.


2005 ARTE production – France "Dorothée Selz: portrait" 26′
broadcast Arte July 16th 2005 / January 7th 2006
1995 Virtuel production – France "Dorothée Selz / Ephemeral" 52′
broadcast Paris Première – french TV in 1997/1998


The sculpture and painting of Dorothée Selz dialogue with the popular arts (votive offerings from Bali, sugar figurines from Mexico, craft objects from various continents, used in her work). She goes beyond geographic borders, but also beyond the cultural frontiers that divide artists and craftsmen, major arts and minor arts. The interesting thing about this artist is that she finds solutions for not being held in by anything at all. Historically speaking she is a member of the “Eat Art” group, created by Daniel Spoerri in the Seventies. She conceives structures covered with food which she calls “ephemeral edible sculptures”. With her, cultural events become joyful moments of celebration and sharing. She is one of those “magicians of  the earth “ who favour the celebrations and rituals of life. She brings into the world of art the pleasures of the fingers, the nose, the mouth, and the possibility of living beautiful, fleeting moments together.

Her project for OPEN2OO6 is a transposition into digital print of sculptures made in China, in Peking.

The idea is to show a photographic sequence of:

  • 3 undulating structures in a wide-angle view;
  • in the foreground, details of fruits and vegetables cut out by a skilled Chinese cook and offered to the public.

It is the visual memory of a fleeting poetic moment of sharing.

Pierre Tilman