Heinz Aeschlimann

“As an engineer, I communicate closely with the environment, observing the perpetual confrontation and tension between resistance and harmony, nature, technology and humanity. The artistic expression of these constant influences and emotions and their conversion into creative energy is my passion which allows me to escape from the pressures of day to day life.”


Heinz Aeschlimann / Swiss, 1947

The Egyptians set a landmark with their pyramids. The base is in mathematical co-ordination with the height, indicating that the whole is an extraordinary entity. With the gussasphalt pyramids, Heinz Aeschlimann, for the first time ever, creates large sculptures of gussasphalt material, “the streets runs vertical”. Normally, Gussasphalt serves as road pavement. Using a special formulation and stabilisation additives, Aeschlimann achieved that gussasphalt can be worked into vertical faces, offering, for the first time, the possibility of creating large sculptures with this intriguing gussasphalt material. Asphalt is one of the oldest building materials. Already the Roman sealed joints in the roads with asphalt, and the Hanging Gardens of Babylon were kept watertight with asphalt. In the meantime, the possibility was recognised to utilise gussasphalt as a medium for creating large sculptures. The “large pyramids” of Aeschlimann, have a very calm expressiveness. The fascination of Gussasphalt in combination with glass inserts gives a particularly aesthetic spectacle. Depending on the position and light of the sun, there is an impressive reflection that speaks for itself. The impact of the sculpture, under the influence of daylight/light at night or weather conditions (wet, dry), is diversified and quite exciting.

Heinz Aeschlimann designs and works with a breathtaking speed. A concrete experience where the process of creation and a fascination with the material are the catalyst which shape a sculpture. His varied forms of expression are attributable to these factors, as is his experimentation with the most diverse materials, always testing the limits, and above all searching for a harmonious match between two different materials. The steel sculptures, which are the result of a fortunate symbiosis of a zest for creation and a profound knowledge of materials, move in an aesthetic balancing act between monumentality and playful form disintegration; as futuristic storms of steel, they present a stunning contrast to the architecture of our inner courtyard. Since 1970 Heinz Aeschlimann has created numerous steel sculptures, Gussasphalt sculptures, Sculptures in combination with these materials, ranging in size from small to monumental. The latter weigh in at several tonnes and are snapped up sculpture parks and collections. He has been invited by distinguished curators to participate in exibitions in the USA, Europe and Asia. He lives and works in Switzerland in the towns of Zofingen, Stansstad and Monte Ceneri/Lugano.

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