Venice Carnival 2001

[Official Poster fo Venice Carnival]Venice is a cosmpolitan city that still preserves in its culture the signs of its merchants’ legendary voyages towards East. The city integrates, even in its language, important communities such as the Greek, Jewish and Armenian ones.

Venice is an international city which charmed ambassadors, princes and emperors with lavish parties in their honor and to this day celebrates its own Carnival. As source of inspiration and destination for artists and intellectuals from all over the world, Venice is international heritage and the best place to talk about travels and travellers.

The 2001 Carnival of Venice continues its thematic itinerary, which started last year with the fantastic “invisible cities” of the most famous traveller of all: Marco Polo.

The 2001 Carnival of Venice — with a program rich of parties and performances — will celebrate the ideas, the dreams and the vivid atmospheres of travel, thanks to the magic, timeless quality of this city and its costumes.

Travel as a source of knowledge, inspiration, adventure and entertainment, as an occasion to consider — in this age of voyeuristic tourism — the richness and fascination of being real cosmopolitan travellers.

Once again Venice is a City at the epicentre of its Carnival; it’s projected on an imaginary magic mirror which reflects the images of its story-tellers.

Every year a great contemporary artist dedicates his work, expressly made for this occasion, to the Carnival of Venice. Marco Lodola is the artist who created the official image of the 2001 Carnival. Lodola founded, in the early ’80s, the New Futurism movement, whose critic and theorist was Renato Barilli.


Venice Carnival 2001